I am so happy to have found Pilates on 17th!  It is always a joy to walk through their doors.  I love my RedCord classes with Nicole and am feeling such a great difference in my body in a very short time.  I also really look forward to my cardio tramp classes.  Marcelo keeps me laughing and energized the entire half hour.  Love this gym and am so glad I found them.

Avis Q    Feb 2013


Redcord is a real winner, helping build core strength and improving balance. Nicole is a personable capable instructor who can help both athletes and those less athletically inclined. A tough challenging workout for sure.

Jon Wampler   Feb 2013


I like to think that I have always been active to include walking, working out at a nearby gym or hiring a private trainer. However like so many of you, as time passes my interests and dedication to a particular routine fade. In many situations my routine was interrupted because they were cookie cutter programs that over time did not continue to challenge me and/or were tied to inflexible scheduling and adsorbent costs.

However after taking time off, I discovered Pilates on 17th. Since joining almost a year ago with flexible pricing and schedules, I find myself looking forward to going to my appointments. An average week consists of a four days: I enjoy a private lesson, two cardio tramp classes and one small group redcord class.

Pilates on 17th is the complete program. Karen and Nicole, owners/trainers are wonderful. They are not only knowledgeable, but friendly and very patient. From the very beginning I have never felt intimidated or out of place. They have become my friends. And my Cardio tramp instructor, Marcelo is hysterical.  For 30 minutes you are having such a great time, you forget you are actually working out. Once you visit Pilates on 17th I know you’ll keep coming back.

Peggy Swanson, age 65   Feb 2013


I have been a client of Karen and Nicole for approx 6 years and I brought my husband in a few years ago.  We could not live without pilates.  Our instructor, Marcello, is very well educated, is precise and also likes to make it fun.  My husband, now a believer, boasts that it has tremendously improved his golf game as well.

Sara and Michael Abraham      March 2013


“Redcord has transformed my body and changed my life.  I feel stronger, more balanced, and virtually free of chronic pain in my knees, neck, and shoulders.   It is easy to understand why Karen and Nicole are so passionate about their work:  Record is simply amazing!”

Lisa F.      March 6, 2013


After starting Redcord, I found muscle strength never before acquired. I stand taller and surf harder with greater endurance. Thanks Nicole Leto for the new lease on life!

Gerard Wooters


Redcord is Pilates on steroids.I felt an instant in regards to flexibility combined with muscular intensity definatly will continue with the Redcord workouts.

Kevin Roberts


I left the weights for the Redropes after 35 years at the gym. I feel Much Better! not as tight and taller.

Greg Smith